CTM Band Expansion Pack

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Turn your CTM Band into a "one stop shop" for all of your warm-up, recovery, and injury treatment/prevention needs! Introducing our new Expansion Pack. With specially designed new attachments for your CTM Band, the Expansion Pack includes 7 new shapes that can target trigger points and muscular restriction like never before!



The Expansion Pack Includes:

4 x Mini Balls

Smaller than the original CTM Band attachments and not as intense. The Mini Balls are great for lighter pressure and CTM Band beginners!


1 x Thumb Piece

Aimed to replicate a therapist's hand, the Thumb Piece digs deep into knots and trigger points. Great for calves, quads, hamstrings, and shoulders.

1 x Acupressure Cone

The Acupressure Cone targets acupressure points as well as painful spots on the elbows, hands, shoulders, and feet



1 x Mace

Much like the medieval "ball with spikes" weapon, the Mace grabs and clings to muscle groups anywhere!

Mix and match the new Expansion Pack shapes with your original CTM Band attachments for a truly unique and specific approach to your recovery and sore muscle relief. Order now!

Customer Reviews

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Garth Marriott
Life changer!

I had knee surgery over 10 years ago...they harvested some of my Hamstring from same leg to replace my ACL. Subsequently my hamstring has been chronically tight and no matter how strong or talented a massage giver has been it has never really released. No theragun, no vibrating roller , nothing could release it....I used the CTM band once...and instantly knew this was a game changer. I do a weekly pilates class to try to stay limber and I brought it to them to share....this thing is epic. Then 3 days later I got a hip hook in the mail too and once you start to release the ilyacus in addition to using the CTM bands it has been absolutely revolutionary in my life and health. THANKS A BILLION for your product and please tell me you are getting patent on it so some corporate scum doesn't take you amazing invention from you. God Bless. Thanks again!

Lloyd Chapman
Excellent service and product

I was very impressed with the level of service. I bought the product to use on an Achilles’ tendon problem and I have found the product has really helped me with that. Also impressed with the quality of the product. I have already recommended it to some of my clienys

Phillip H.
Buy it already!

If your at this site you already know about voodoo flossing. This is next level. I don’t use it daily, but when you have a spot that needs to be worked out, it is amazing. I was super surprised by how effective it is. I used to try and floss with a lacrosse ball, but this is the way to go. Good value for the money.

Great Two-in-One Device!

As a sports chiropractor, I am always looking for devices to recommend to my patients to help them take care of themselves and make sure they remain injury free in between treatments. As I was searching for a floss band and a trigger point device on the internet one day, I came across the CTM Band that combined both techniques into one great device. What a great idea! You get the benefits of trigger point therapy along with the benefits of fascial flossing in one device. The trigger point attachments really increase the release of a trigger point while you floss and release the associated fascia around it. I also like the option of buying the expansion pack, but those extra attachments should maybe come along with the band since you get more options to use with it. I would pay extra for them with the band, but I understand everyone may not want the extra attachments, though, so they may not want to pay extra for them.

Phenomenal product

I was intrigued by the science behind the concept and decided to give these bands a try. Wow was I blown away.
1) I have for years and years had a clicking in my left knee and dreaded leg day
2) I'm a swim coach and have swimmers with predominantly various knee issues

After 1, 3 minute use, my knees did not click. Using a few times a week has maintained that and I actually enjoy leg day now. NO MORE CLICKING.
As for swimmers, they too ARE so pleased with the results.

Simply incredible product.