Why Am I Comparing My Foam Roller To A Pay Phone?

Some of you may have seen the “internet grenades” I’ve been hurling lately at the foam roller, stick roller, and lacrosse ball as tools used for myofascial release. Let me first say that I DO think there is some value in using these tools. Take for instance the study here that shows an increase in hip range of motion when using a foam roller and stretching together. Foam rolling and stretching at the same time sounds kind of difficult though, right? These tools have been useful and should be looked at as pioneers of the SMR (self-myofascial release) industry. But much like the pay phone, it’s time to move forward! The CTM Band is the first tool to COMBINE the effect of foam rolling and stretching simultaneously. To get a little more scientific on y’all, removing adhesion/fibrosis from layers of fascia/muscles MUST include both movement (stretching) and force application (pressure). 

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