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The CTM Trigger Point Band
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What The Pros Are Saying!

“I am so excited to be using the CTM Band for my recovery! If you are a runner, I would recommend this band!"

Wesley Korir, Olympian and Boston Marathon Winner

"For me, it works better than foam rolling or using a stick. We even have a vibrating foam roller, and the CTM Band still wins."

Thomas, Believeintherun.com

"When I take the band off I feel relieved, and especially notice it when I tie up my laces up the next day"

Tim, Trail Runner Magazine

"The CTM Band streamlines several facets of therapy into one easy-to-use piece of equipment that has cut back on time spent stretching and rolling"

Sarah Crouch, Professional Runner

"Simple device that is easy to apply to the targeted area. In a mere 2 minutes, it gets the muscle warmed up and ready for activity"

Robert, 7 Time Boston Marathon Finisher

"The CTM Band is a revolution in muscle prep and recovery. My athletes have integrated the band into their pre-practice routine to help them feel loose"

Jimmy Dorneman, Div. 1 ATC

“Coaching athletes at the highest level poses many challenges in finding easy and effective ways to bounce back from races and workouts.The CTM Band helps alleviate these problems. The CTM Band’s simplicity and portability allows athletes to realistically incorporate it into their daily training and recovery protocols.

Coach Taryn Sheehan - Head Coach Track/Cross Country, Western Michigan University

"Very rarely does a product come along that is effective, easy to use and applicable to so many body parts. CTM Band checks all those boxes"

Dr. Brad Wiest, Team Chiropractor for the Carolina Panthers

"Thankfully my friend Dr. Kyle Bowling created the CTM Band that works really well on pretty much any major muscle group!"

Tina Muir, Professional Runner

Why Are We Different?

Check out this video from a musculoskeletal ultrasound showing the "sliding surface mechanism" that muscles possess to function properly. We get hurt when cumulative stress causes a decrease in this movement. An effective myofascial release tool MUST have the ability to "grab" stuck tissue and move it through a functional range of motion. The CTM Band is the first to do this!

Why The CTM Band?

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A lot! Check out our video library of CTM Band protocols.

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