What Does It Do?

Using our new and innovative approach, the CTM Band:

- Relieves Muscle Spasm

- Releases Knots

- Speeds Muscle Recovery

- Breaks Up Scar Tissue

- Increases Range Of Motion

- Activates Muscle 

Why Do You Need This?

You can't quite get deep enough into that tight spot with your foam roller, stick roller, floss band, or lacrosse ball, right!? Or even if you can, that spot comes right back after your next workout or run, no? Using our innovative approach, The CTM Band is your fix! 

Why Does This Work Better Than What I Already Do?

Myofascial Release needs three things to work: compression, tension, and movement. Think about this: a foam roller/stick roller/lacrosse ball combines tension and movement, but no compression. A floss/compression band combines compression and movement, but no tension. The CTM Band is the first to combine all three!