What The Pros Are Saying About The CTM Band

Tanoai Reed - Hollywood Stuntperson of the Year and The Rock's Body Double

"The CTM Band works deep tissue and spreads the muscle fibers apart. I really like it!"


Alexi Pappas - Olympian and Filmmaker

"I use it before I train to get me ready and I use it after to help with recovery. I love this band!"


Wesley Korir - Boston Marathon Winner and 2016 Olympian

“I am so excited to be using the CTM Band for my recovery! If you are a runner, I would recommend this band! Thanks to my college teammate Dr. Kyle Bowling for this innovation”


Jacob Thomson - Professional Runner and former NCAA All-American

"Training at a high level, my body often gets pushed to its limits, ending with little niggles and pains. This past year I ended the hardest 5 week training camp I had ever completed but had developed a nagging calf and achilles problem. I searched through every recovery tool I could get my hands on, but luckily a friend recommended the CTM Band. The CTM Band worked better than anything I have ever used and helped me recover from my injury in time for the USA Championships. The CTM Band never leaves my training bag now!"


Believe In The Run - Running Shoes and Gear Review Website/Blog

"For me, it works better than foam rolling or using a stick. We even have a vibrating foam roller, and the CTM Band still wins for results. Another bonus for the CTM Band is the portability of the tool. It is easily packed and traveled with."


Trail Runner Magazine - The Authority of Offroad Trail Running Magazine and Website

"For this reviewer, I do a recovery “circuit.” I start high on the quad, then above the knee, then upper calf, then lower calf, then upper and lower hamstrings. I just walk back and forth between the cutting board and stove, do some light stretching and it really seems to get the muscles moving well. When I take the band off I feel relieved, and especially notice it when I tie up my laces up the next day."


Sarah Crouch - Professional Runner, Olympic Trials Qualifier

“It takes a lot of time and effort to recover properly and prevent injuries when training at a high level. The CTM Band streamlines several facets of therapy into one easy-to-use piece of equipment that has cut down on my pre and post run time spent stretching and rolling. The band also helped me ease a nagging injury just five days before a big marathon and the feeling of using it (that “hurts so good” feeling) is unlike anything else on the market!”


Tina Muir - Professional Runner and Owner of Running For Real

"My lower leg seems to be the root of 95% of my injuries, I found myself getting more and more annoyed that I just couldn't keep them from getting tight all the time. I would go see medical professionals, and they would help, but then it would be back again the next day. I used a PVC pipe and foam roller which helped a little, but they just couldn't get into the knots in my calf. Thankfully my friend Dr. Kyle Bowling created the CTM Band that works really well on pretty much any major muscle group!"


Coach Taryn Sheehan - Head Coach Track/Cross Country, Yale University

“Coaching athletes at the highest level poses many challenges in finding easy and effective ways for athletes to bounce back from races and workouts.  Traveling across the country to races and competitions also makes it difficult to rely on large tools or modalities.
The CTM Band helps alleviate these problems. The CTM Band’s simplicity and portability allows athletes to realistically incorporate it into their daily training and recovery protocols. There’s no doubt the CTM Band is a simple innovative tool should be in every athletes arsenal.”


Dr. Brad Wiest - Carolina Panthers Team Chiropractor

“As a sports chiropractor who works with athletes of all levels, I’m always looking for tools to help speed up the recovery process to get my athletes better, faster and to keep them injury free. Very rarely does a product come along that is effective, easy to use and applicable to so many body parts. CTM Band checks all those boxes. Everyone from my weekend warriors, to some of the Carolina Panthers, have benefited from CTM. It’s a great product that I would recommend to any athlete looking to stay in the game!”


Jimmy Dorneman - Athletic Trainer, University of Louisville

"The CTM Band is a revolution in muscle prep and recovery. My athletes have integrated the band into their pre-practice routine to help them feel loose and warmed up before practice. After practice, we use the band to target muscles that have become sore and tired. I would recommend the CTM Band to anyone from the recreational athlete all the way to professional level."


Adam Froman - Professional Dirt Bike Rider, Former Professional Football Player

"Before finding the CTM Band, I was fighting debilitating arm pump early on in races. Arm pump is lactic acid build-up in the forearms that gets so severe, I would lose the ability to grip and hold onto the handlebars. Two weeks prior to the first race of the season, I began using the CTM Band twice a day for 2 minutes on my forearms. Even after that short time I got huge results! The arm pump was reduced to the point that it was hardly noticeable, and in turn the effect on my grip strength was minimal. I have continued the regimen of stretching with my CTM Band and the results continue to get better and better. The CTM Band is the number one tool in my gear bag as I am qualifying to represent Team USA on the world stage in 2018. Thank you CTM Band!"


Robert Izgarjan - 7 time Boston Marathon Finisher

"Simple device that is easy to apply to the targeted area. In a mere 2 minutes, it gets the muscle warmed up and ready for activity. It's like having your own therapist in a gym bag. I had a calf strain and the band did an outstanding job getting deep into the muscle and relieving tension and pain. HIGHLY recommend to any athlete.....a must have!"