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CTM Band Works Wonders!

I just recently purchased a CTM band, specifically with the intention of using it on my tight calf muscles. It has worked extremely well on loosening up my calves. I’ve also used it on my shoulder and it’s helped relieve stiffness and a dull ache that’s bothered me for a few months. I would definitely recommend purchasing a CTM band.

Voodoo Floss on Steroids!

This product works so much better than Voodoo floss and it can also double as regular Voodoo floss if needed. The rubber pads really help with hitting the hot spots and helps with the aches and pains. I highly recommend this product.

Most helpful tool

I have had a mix of IT band, TFL, hip flexor issue for several months from running. Nothing works like the quad/hip flexor application! A marked difference before and after!
I couldn’t appreciate the ease of application, library of how-to’s, and success more. I am very excited to have such a tool at my disposal. It made a big difference in my recovery. Standard physical therapy got me only so far.
Thank you!

Truly helps a lot

I use this bad specifically for my calves pre-run and it really has done wonders. You can feel it working and it doesnt take long at all to use. I am stretching my calves already pre-run so adding this on isnt a problem and it adds a lot of value.

Jennifer Podulka
So glad to have found these!

I suffer from chronic trigger points and fascia adhesions. I’ve tried everything. CTM bands are AMAZING! Just 5 minutes and I have noticeable mobility and pain improvements.

Thank you for leaving this review. We're SO glad it's worked well for you!

Sean Clancy
CTM band

Both sizes help my calves heal after court play. Instead of being stuck on the foam roller you can do chores like washing dishes and wear these bands to stimulate healing. I wear them about 10 - 15 minutes daily at this point. Great product!

Thanks Sean. Multitasking! Love it!

The CTM Trigger Point Band
Joann La Stella-Overby

I filled this out once before. I love your product and recommend it to everyone I know. I made copies to take to the pickleball courts. I bought one for my boss for his birthday. If you received an in flux of orders from Naples, Florida. It was me. Keep up the great job of helping people be pain free.

Thank you so much for leaving another Joann. We appreciate it!

5 stars

Great product, glad I ordered 2. I keep one in my gym bag and one with my running gear. So far when used I have had instant relief from sticky muscle fibers. Thank you

Thank you so much Joe!

The CTM Trigger Point Band
Alicia McNamara Grott
Very helpful

The concept is perfect. Just what I wanted. But the band is too unwieldy for me. Trying to modify it a bit.

Thank you Alicia! Yes it's a long band to ensure that it can wrap multiple times around any muscle group.

The CTM Trigger Point Band
Sukanta Majumdar
Very useful and functional band

CTM band works like charm. They claim it works similar to deep tissue massage which I agree. Tightness after my hard runs goes away quickly when I use this band. Thanks for the creation.

Your words mean the world to us! Thank you so much Sukanta!

Great Product

Have been using it on myself and have had great results. I am athletic trainer plan on bring it into the clinic in the near future.

So glad you're happy with it. Thank you Arturo!

The CTM Trigger Point Band
Francisco Garcia

The CTM Trigger Point Band

Thank you Francisco!

A good combination of therapies, but difficult to wrap on leg

This product is hard to wrap on my leg. The compression band is very slippery. It is difficult to secure on my leg. This discourages me from using it as much as I would like. I have other brands of flossing compression bands that are much easier to work with. But, they lack the trigger point knobs of the cmt bands.

Thank you for the review and feedback! Yes, sometimes the band may need to be 'broken in' a bit and will develop more grip as you use it. Also be sure you're wrapping the band very tight around the knobs. Feel free to reach out directly and we can give you more pointers on how to use the bands effectively.

James Goodwin
Products and service

Very happy with the products after only a limited sample time.
Very appreciative of the complimentary shipping.
Thank you!

Thank you so much James! Our pleasure.

Perfect tool!

This was one of the best recovery tools I’ve purchased. I saw a review from one of my favorite bball trainers online and gave it a shot. I use it all the time and recommended it to another friend who purchased and said it’s made quick and noticeable improvements on their shin splints.

So glad to see this Bobby! Thank you so much for telling your friends about us as well.

Michael in Texas
Great tool for manual therapy

A colleague of mine had one and found it very effective for his clients. I had to try as well, as I am always looking for ways to help my clients. The CTMBand does not disappoint. It has also saved my hands from doing a lot of soft tissue work.

Thank you Michael! Your clients are lucky to have you!!

Lee Dzierzanowski


These are the next level in flossing and pressure point release!

We absolutely love our ctm bands. We use them daily on ourselves or gym members. Super easy, and so effective. Members can come a few minutes early before class and get their 2-5 minutes in. Must haves!

Thanks so much Junior!

GREAT !!!!!!!!!! LOVE IT


Thank you Jason!!

CTM bands

I love the bigger sized band for my legs. I hit my quads and hamstrings and feel so much better after leg day. I just starting running today and can’t wait to see how it goes. Love the product. Highly recommend!!!!

Thank you Danon. Happy running!!

Cameron Murray

This band works wonders. I always use it before practice and it has me feeling good before practice. Even after workouts I use you as a recovery tool.

Thank you Cameron. Hope your season is going well!

Great oridyct

Effective product. Easy to use.

Really appreciate it Brandon!

Recovering from Masters Track injury

Simple little item but very effective in treating my calf injury. I can only use it every few days because of how tender and sore my calf is but this will be a priority in helping me recover.
Thank you!

Thank you so much Steve! Hope your calf continues to feel better!!

Simple and effective

This is an amazing product! The quality of material is top notch. Perfect for PTs or even individuals just working through some soft tissue restrictions. Love this product and wish I had thought of it myself!!!

Great service

Dr. K was great - he accommodated my request to switch band colors. The tool is great - helps relax tight muscles. Pairs well with strength and mobility training.