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CTM Band
Totally worth the money

I’ve been foam rolling for years, and I’ve used other methods of self-myofascial release, but the CTM band is up there as one of the most effective methods I’ve used. As an avid recreational runner and cyclist, my legs are a big concern. With the band, I can pinpoint where I want the pressure, and I can also dial in the amount of pressure I want to apply with relative ease. And unlike a foam roller, it allows you to keep the pressure applied while working the muscle through its full range of motion. This product is definitely worthy of your attention.

CTM Band

This product is perfect for my daily warm up, gets all the knots and tight muscles ready to roll! Love everything about this band

CTM Band
Best piece of recovery kit

Been ultra running for 8 years and I’m not getting any younger(lol) For the past 2 years(plus) I’ve been dealing with muscle tightness and pain in my left leg. Foam rollers, and T ball balls can only do so much. Figured I’d give the CTM band I try, what did I have to lose. Well that tightness and soreness is what I had to lose! I’ve done more good on my overly tight, sticky muscles/fascia in the last three weeks using the ctm band daily then using all my other recovery tools combined in the last two years! So glad I finally ordered one! Plus you can’t beat the price! Genius piece of recovery kit!

CTM Band
Absolutely love the product!

I'll admit it, I'm a running addict! But, when I want to get a lot of miles in, my legs and muscles won't let me. I've tried foam rolling, hours of stretching, and using stick rollers, but nothing works as great as a CTM Band to help eliviate sore muscles, keep them loose, and eliminate lactic acid in the muscles. I highly recommend this product to anyone looking for a new way to help heal sore muscles without taking days off of their workout schedule to rest or heal.

Love these bands!!!

I have one of each size and use them both regularly on myself and my athletes for tight muscles and for warm-up before exercise

CTM Band
Helping my Hamstring

The CTM Band has been really helping my tight hamstring! Thanks Dr. Bowling.

CTM Band
This just replaced my other floss bands!

So I've been using floss bands for years and wrapping them over golf balls/lacrosse balls which was always really annoying to do. Also keeping the ball in the exact location I wanted it to be in was also a pain at times. Enter the CTM Band and that issue is gone. I can not only get the ball right where I want it, I can have up to 4 in different locations! My flossing outcomes with clients have been much better since incorporating the CTM Band into my arsenal and I plan on using it for a very long time!

CTM Band
Love this band!

Foam rollers, massagers, The Stick, I have all kinds of recovery tools. None of them have alleviated my tight calves like the CTM Band. Runners should absolutely have this in their recovery tool kit. Price to efficacy is unbelievable.

Extremely effective !

The bands are great! We work with dancer with tight calves and quads. It's a quick and effective tool to use so they can get instant relief .

Love the XL Band

I use it on myself and on the college athletes I work with for both muscle soreness and tightness as well as for warm up before workouts!! It’s great!!

CTM Band
Great recovery tool

This tool has been greatly helpful for both my husband and myself in dealing with IT Band issues that stretching and foam rolling alone did not solve. Highly recommend that you try it out!

CTM Band

I bought this some weeks ago, and since I am from Brasil, my friend brought to me in the christmas, i already used and REALLY like the outcome. I only used the small one in my calf, in the upper lateral side, almost in the m. soleus. I will use this week in my m. quadriceps, the larger one and see what will happen. Thank you very much for your products and willing to improve the way people think and use their equipments and muscles. Have a good 2019!

CTM Band
The missing piece of equipment you need

Great flossing bands for myofascial release and support. Love the bigger one. If only there was a library of videos it would be even more awesome.

Hi Gabriele! Thanks for the review. Did you see our library of videos here? If that's not what you're looking for or need help with a different protocol, let us know and we'll get you what you need. Thanks again!
CTM Band
Upgrade on an already good idea.

I have used and recommended compression/mobility bands in my practice for several years now. I'm a fan particularly for self treatment protocols. The CTM band provides a a very useful renovation in an already helpful product. The CTM band allows for a greater diversity of use and works particularly well for tack and floss mobilization. I have found great success in using it for calf, quad, hamstring and forearm related issues. The CTM band allows a person to be more precise with his or her self mobilizations and gives a person a lot more options for self treatment than the traditional compress/mobility band. Great product!

Really helpful recovery tool

The CTM band is great for athletes who are often on the road. I use it all the time at home for my calves and hamstrings, but when traveling, it's easier to throw this in the bag than a foam roller! Well-made, thoughtful product.

CTM Band
A must have

My son has chronic tightness from running competitive high school XC and this band is the most useful tool at managing his symptoms and pain. Its easy to use, is self directed and provides deep tissue relief that makes a daily difference. Cant say enough about how this band has helped!!!

CTM Band
CTM Band

I had trouble with a right calf muscle being tight after each run the CTM band has really been helpful....It has worked the tightness out of my calf muscle....I use before and after my runs.

CTM Band
It really helps !

I do lots of running and biking,from time to time I have patellafemoris inflammation,with Ctm band on 2 mnts plus stretch and move my pain/inflammation was reduced and now I’m fine. I recommend Ctm band and thank you.

CTM Band
LOVE this product!

Been using it for months on myself and my adolescent competitive gymnasts and we have seen great benefits from it! Definitely recommend this product to every athlete!


Great Product

CTM Band
Definitely 5 stars

I'm a stubborn runner who won't lay off. I love a good recovery too and this one meets all the marks. It's easy to use, it offers very timely relief. Sometimes I use it before a run, but love to use it a few hours after a hard effort. It really loosens everything back up. It's fantastic

CTM Band
After a Year, No More Plantar Fasciitis

I battled plantar fasciitis for about 15 months. I got new shoes, bought expensive inserts, stretched and foam rolled. I’m sure all of that helped, but within a few weeks after trying the CTM Band, I was suddenly without pain for the first time in well over a year and it’s still gone 3 months later. Thank you!

Gutes Tool

Sehr empfehlenswert zur Regeneration und vom dem Training/ Wettkampf....hilft mir meine steinharte Wadenmuskulatur zu lockern.
Kauftip, auch wenn der Zoll ein bißchen extra kostet zahlt es sich aus!

CTM Band
Love your foam roller? You need to try this

My background: life long runner, and currently a cross country coach. I recommend this product to my athletes and use the ctm band myself most days.

I have been using the ctm band for over a year now, and i have really seen the benefits of it. The ctm band provides the same benefits as your foam roller but is especially helpful for alleviating tightness and soreness in muscles that are hard to hit with a foam roller. I have found that the ctm band is far superior to foam rollers in treating the calves, hamstrings, and hip flexors, as those are seas that are hard to place enough weight on with a foam roller.

I have recommended this product to some of the athletes I coach and they have seen the benefits as well. Lingering tightness or soreness that athletes had been struggling with for weeks was alleviated with consistent use of the ctm band before and after workouts.

In short, can’t recommend this product enough to runners or athletes who love their foam roller.

CTM Band

The best tool ever for SMR