CTM Band Featured In Trail Runner Magazine!

Image. The CTM Band is a soft tissue massage tool, achilles massage tool, hamstring massage tool, etc. It helps with pain on top of kneecap, patellofemoral pain syndrome, sore knees from running and many others. Get rid of sore muscles fast.

What a fun month we've had at CTM Therapy! First we were featured in Trail Runner Magazine's "First Look" (a great resource for all things running!).

First Look: 3 Go-To Therapy Products You've Never Heard Of

THEN we made their list of top rated runner's gear:

Trail Runner's Top Rated Gear Picks

Since the release of these stories, we've received an overwhelming amount of support from around the globe and we couldn't be more thankful. As of today, people from 37 states and 12 countries have bought the CTM Band. Here's the thing though, we're just getting started! 


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