CTM Band For The Win!

I was reflecting on the stages of development for CTM Band today, and realized that I hadn’t shared this! So back in September I competed in a small half marathon in Frankfort, KY and used the first band ever made as a pre-race dynamic warm-up for my calves. This is what the prototype band looked like:

I've had several injuries over the years that originated from my calves (plantar fasciitis, achilles pain, shin splints, calf strains). Because of this, I HAVE to make my pre/post run routine consist of in-depth and exceptional calf work. This is in part where my idea for the CTM Band came from. I wanted to use something that satisfied the scientific requirements for myofascial release (nothing else on the market did!) But before making more CTM Bands, I had to at the very least put it to test on my own big stage! Well, my calves felt great on a TOUGH course and I came out with the win! 

This was the first of many tests that I put the band through. My patients, medical colleagues, and athletes who are a lot better/faster than me needed to give feedback and recommendations before proceeding with development. But this half marathon win certainly helped me to gain momentum and confidence for an "all systems go!" with the CTM Band.

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