CTM Band Injury Series Part 4: IT Band Syndrome

Image. The CTM Band is a soft tissue massage tool, achilles massage tool, hamstring massage tool, etc. It helps with pain on top of kneecap, patellofemoral pain syndrome, sore knees from running. ITB foam roller, illiotibial band foam roller.

IT Band Syndrome! Who's had it? Pain on the outside of the knee after some hard running or a bunch of squats? Most of us have had ITB pain at some point in our athletic careers. It's especially common this time of year in my clinic, as people are 8-12 weeks into their Spring Race training cycles. Check out our video on what IT Band Syndrome is, and how the CTM Band can help!

I mention this in the video, but just a reminder that MOST cases of ITB Sydrome involve hip/core instability to some degree. In these cases, only using the CTM Band will not be as effective. Combine the CTM protocols with hip and core stability exercises to successfully beat IT Band pain! Here's another video of some gait analysis that I did in my office that shows how to spot hip instability:

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