Vitamin D: A Fast, Easy and Free Way To Boost Your Immune System

Vitamin D used to boost immune system.

Science-Based, Simple Ways To Boost Your Immune System

During this time of uncertainty (to put it mildly!), we need to be taking every step possible keep our bodies functioning to their fullest abilities. Did you know that studies have shown vitamin D to play a vital role in regulating your immune system? If you did, nice work! If not, let me explain:

There are vitamin D receptors on the surface of every white blood cell. The function of these receptors is to keep the immune system balanced between being over and under stimulated. Too much stimulation can create autoimmune issues, and too little can create susceptibility to infection.

What does this have to do with our current issues of fighting COVID-19? Well, THIS study done in 2017 links low vitamin D with respiratory infections. In fact, it shows a 42% reduction of the odds in developing a respiratory infection (which is one of the biggest threats from the Coronavirus).

So how much vitamin D do we need per day? Approximately 4,000-7,000 IU's. You can get this easily through supplementation. My advice though? Get outside and exercise! With just 30 minutes of midday sunlight, you will get 10,000-20,000 IU's. 

Fast, free, an excuse to get outside, and a great way to give that Coronavirus a nice one-finger salute!

Check back tomorrow for more ways to use diet, exercise, and fun to help us get through these challenging times!

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