How To Prevent Injuries Working From Home with One Simple Exercise

How To Prevent Injuries Working From Home with One Simple Exercise

Unless you're working on our front lines right now in the medical field or other essential service (thank you thank you! 🙌), chances are that you're working from home for the foreseeable future. We're proud to do our part! BUT a downside to this is that we're more than likely sitting for more minutes than we're used to throughout the day. Why is this not optimal? Your first answer would of course be "Because it causes glute inhibition!" Right? Right 🙄. But yes, when we're sitting our hip flexors are in a "shortened" position which deactivates our very important glute muscles. 

In my clinic I focus heavily on identifying underlying biomechanical issues that cause our common injuries (back pain, hip pain, knee pain, shin splints, foot pain, etc.). By FAR, my most common finding is a gluteus medius that is weak or not activating. It's called Trendelenburg sign and looks like this: 

Basically, the glute medius is in charge of keeping our hips and core stable while running and walking. If it's not doing its job, your body can't support its own weight and all hell breaks loose along the kinetic chain causing overuse injuries to pop up anywhere. It looks like this when running:

A great way to correct or prevent this can be done anywhere, anytime! Brushing your teeth, standing in front of your computer or kitchen counter are all times you can work on this. Literally anytime you have 60-90 seconds....stand on one leg, lift the opposite hip, and hold it for a minute and a half. Like this:

Doing this every day on each leg will build your body's mechanical efficiency and prevent injuries in an extremely simple and easy way!

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