How to Cure Runner's Knee with CTM Band's Trigger Point Band

How to Cure Runner's Knee with CTM Band's Trigger Point Band

Cure Runner's Knee Fast with CTM Band

CTM bands have made a big splash in the sports world. Serious runners swear by them. If you are not already using one, you probably know someone who is.

What the CTM band brings is a simple multi-purpose tool that helps diminish recovery time for muscles and articulations pre- and post-effort. More than that, however, CTM bands are also a therapeutic tool in case of injury.

CTM bands help release myofascial tension. Before the advent of the CTM band, the best way to accomplish myofascial release was at the hands of an experienced practitioner, which is why people tended to wait till the damage was done before doing something about it.

With the CTM band, however, you get, for the first time, a true self-help tool that can achieve myofascial release in the comfort of your own home or even on the track itself, which not only helps avoid injury in the first place, but can also help speed up the healing process in case of such injuries occurring.

Let’s explore what a CTM band can do for you in case of runner’s knee.

The traditional way of dealing with runner’s knee is a combination of rest, OPTP rollers, trigger point balls, and a floss band. Used under the supervision of a physical therapist, these items can be used to even greater effect.

With the CTM band, however, you can work on your injured muscles at home and at leisure, providing a constant stimulus to your lower extremity to maintain an optimal healing process.

Stretching the muscle can lead to greater flexibility in the healing muscle fibers and can allow them to retain suppleness. This may reduce the need for physical therapy after the healing process is done. It also increases the blood flow in the affected muscle, speeding up the healing process.

The CTM band is the Swiss army knife of the serious runner. It can help with all the common running injuries, including plantar fasciitis and splinted shins.

By using the band effectively before and after every run, you predispose your body towards a speedy recovery and cut down on future injuries. It’s enough to warm up for a few minutes with your CTM band to avoid any serious inconveniences on the track. This is why the CTM band has become a fixture in today’s sports world.


Check out these instructional videos on how we can help:

CTM Band Self Application Runner's Knee

CTM Band Clinical Application Runner's Knee

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